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New Climbing Walls

  1. International standard artificial climbing wall at Kanteerva Stadium, Bangalore, for the GETHNNA. Largest climbing surface in the country. 15 mtrs x 4 mtrs wide x 3 sides. Two difficulty climbing sides and one speed climbing wall.

  2. " Free Form" artificial climbing wall 6 mtrs high and 10 metres wide, at "SPACE CIRCLE CLUBS AND RESORTS" , Kolkatta.

  3. Outdoor artificial climbing wall Officers Training Academy, Chennai, 10 metres high and 5 metres wide. EN12572;1999 CERTIFIED.

  4. Outdoor artificial climbing wall at The Parachute Regiment Training Centre, 10 metres high and 5 metres wide, supported on existing structure. EN 12572;1999 CERTIFIED.

  5. Free standing artificial climbing wall at Chougan Stadium, Jaipur for Jaipur Development Authority, Jaipur, 15 mtrs high x 6.0 mtrs wide.

  6. Outdoor artificial climbing wall system at The Punjab Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantt, Jharkhand. Dimension 10 mtrs x 5 mtrs.

  7. Outdoor artificial climbing wall system at The Dogra Regimental Centre, Faizabad. U.P. Dimension 10 mtrs x 5 mtrs.

  8. Indoor climbing wall for Mountaineering and Skiing institute, I.T.B.P. Force, Auli, Joshimath, Uttaranchal. 8 mtrs height x 5 mtrs wide.

  9. Outdoor climbing wall at Rajput Regimental center, Fatehgarh, 10 mtrs x 5 mtrs wide.

  10. Outdoor climbing free standing wall at Rajputana Rifles regimental center, New Delhi. 10 mtrs high x 5 mtrs wide.

  11. Indoor climbing wall at Ansal Plaza shopping complex New Delhi. 7 mtrs high x 2.5 mtrs wide.

  12. Outdoor "bolt on holds" climbing wall at "SAHAAS" camp, Nagpur. 12 mtrs high x 5 mtrs wide.

  13. Replacement of climbing surface with new FRP panels at the JRD TATA MAIN WALL, 12 mrs high x 4.8 mtrs wide. Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi.

  14. Outdoor Free standing climbing wall at B.S.F. Training academy, Tekanpur, M.P. 12 metres high x 5 metres wide.

  15. Outdoor climbing wall at MPM recreational center, Hyderabad.

  16. Indoor climbing wall at "Prasad the experience" IMAX / Multiplex theatre, Hyderabad. 9 metres high x 3 metres wide.

  17. Outdoor free standing wall for BANJARA CAMPS & RESORTS, Sultanpur, Gurgaon, Haryana. 7 metres by 3 metres.