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Military / Paramilitary

The following gives a broad outline to the course material covered in the following courses, the exact details are worked out by our instructors keeping in mind the size of the training group / climbing facilities available / physical and mental ability of the training group / previous experience of the climbing group / location / availability of natural rocks which need to be combined at most times for effective training module.


Basic Course

Duration of course : 5 days

Course Cirriculum

  1. Introduction to climbing equipment
  2. Learning knots
  3. Stretching and warm up exercise routine
  4. Learn basic climbing movements on the bouldering wall
  5. Learn how to use the holds and body positions on the wall
  6. Top rope climbing on the wall - Grades up to 5a to 6a
  7. Belaying techniques - Top roping
  8. Anchor building for top rope climbing
  9. Demonstration of lead climbing and speed climbing


Intermediate Course

Eligibility :Basic course

Duration of course : 7 days

Course Cirriculum

  1. Top rope climbing setting up / belay / anchor
  2. Tope rope climbing routes of 5a to 6a
  3. Lead climbing practice / clipping rope the right way
  4. Body positions while clipping the rope for lead climbing
  5. Learn dynamic belaying / practice belaying the leader
  6. Resting and identifying the rest positions
  7. Body positions while on an overhanging face
  8. How to improve climbing grade and ability to climb at least 6a


Advance Course

Eligibility :  Need to climb at least 6a grade.

Duration of Course :14 days

Course curriculum :

  1. Aerobic workouts/ stretching
  2. Lead climbing practice up to 6a grade
  3. Roof encounters practice
  4. Learn advance techniques like hip turns / knee drops / Plage
  5. Visualisation exercise Reading the route and resting points
  6. On sight and redpointing routes
  7. Techniques of better success on On -sighting routes
  8. Competition training difficulty as well as speed
  9. Rules' and regulations
  10. Mental training for competition climbing
  11. Interval training for competition climbing to cover Power / endurance / Power -endurance
  12. Introduction to periodization and push muscles


International Competition Module

Eligibility :  Redpoint grade 7c / 8a,  On sight grade 7b.

Duration of Course : 21 days

  1. Aerobic workouts / stretching
  2. Visualisation techniques for on sight climbing
  3. Meditation and relaxation techniques for competition climbing
  4. Interval training to target Power / endurance and power-endurance
  5. Periodization of climbing / training modules to "peak at the right time"
  6. Working the push muscles
  7. Difficulty and speed competition training
  8. Diet and supplements