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Artificial Climbing Walls

Climbing walls are artificial recreations of the many characteristics of natural rock / crag e.g. features like texture of the rock, overhangs, slabs, aretes, cracks, slabs, chimneys etc.


A climbing wall can be:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor


It can be incorporated in existing structures like wall of a building (in case of Gyms, Auditoriums), on a tower, on a water tank.

  • An independent climbing tower can be built supported by a shell concrete structure or a steel structure.
  • Climbing walls provide a year round alternative to climbing outside.
  • It provides a training facility for climbing and allows beginners to be introduced to climbing in the safest possible environment.
  • Besides training purposes, it is being successfully utilised for completions at local,national and international levels. Now sport climbing has an Asian and a World Cup circuit.
  • A well positioned and well managed wall provides interesting and challenging climbing.
  • It should be foreseen that regular climbers will soon become familiar with the holds, problems and the route is general. Hence, the wall should be constructed with changeable holds and also changing the angle of the wall. This will definitely ensure that long term interests in the wall is maintained.
  • Such climbing walls are popular meeting places for climbers and daring spectators alike.